Our Story

Not content with the dressing market, we wanted to transform and revolutionise the look and feel of the traditional dressing gown, so came up with a totally new concept a ‘trans-seasonal’ detachable dressing gown designed with more functionality and practicality for the discerning woman. Quaintrelle offer a range of beautiful,  silk, organic cotton and fleece dressing gowns, some styles  the ‘Two in One’ designed with a choice of cashmere or wool inner layers with soft ribbed  cuff sleeves and collar. You can wear the outer silk gown on it’s own, the inner cashmere on it’s own as a separate dressing gown, or both together, so TWO if not THREE dressing gowns in ONE, a great investment piece.


“I’m someone who enjoys lounging in my dressing gown all day, however I couldn’t find a dressing gown that was suitable. They were all impractical, either shapeless with wide gaping sleeves that got marked, wet or in the way, you had to roll the sleeves up especially when doing chores around the house, or I could only find dressing gowns that were calf’s length that looked unflattering. I have a towel gown which is great for damp skin and getting out of the shower, but it was just too bulky to wear around the house,  plus I also didn’t like the fact that you needed different dressing gowns for each season as I would get ‘too hot’ so I saw an opportunity and decided to design a gown that I would like to wear myself and that’s how Quaintrelle was born.”