Inner Instructions

Inner Instructions


The dressing gown can be worn on it’s own as a silk dressing gown with the cuff and collar ( Half Set) only,  or with the inner layer by itself as a separate cashmere/ wool gown, or both the inner and the silk outer combined together (Full Set) so you have three options.

The inner layer detachable gown is attached with a full length, light weight visible zip all the way around the inside of the silk outer, the inner is turned inside out, so you need to reverse it to wear it the correct way round, especially if you want to wear the inner on it’s own as a dressing gown.

To wear the inner on it’s own, we recommend wearing the gown, it’s easier to ‘attach or detach’ the inner layer rather then laying it flat on a bed or hanging up.

Whilst wearing the robe, you need to pull the zip gently fully around you in three pulls, if you have long hair it is advisable that you tie or hold your hair up whilst doing this, otherwise your hair may get caught in the zip.

To detach the inner 

1.  Bottom right, pull zip up to your right shoulder

2. Around your neck and to left shoulder, then zip down fully towards your left ankle to release the zip

3. The inner is turned inside out, so you need to reverse this to wear on its own

To attach the inner

1. Turn inner inside out again, how it was at the beginning

2. Bottom left, attach the zip

3. Pull to your left shoulder, around your neck to right shoulder and back to bottom right to attach the zip

If you are a little confused with the instructions and can’t quite work it out, then please call or email us and we will be more than happy to assist. We will be adding a video shortly to show a demonstration