Our collections are made using 100% 16 Momme Silk Satin, which  gives a seamless smooth surface to the fabric and sourced from Italy and the UK. The beauty with silk is that it can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which is why we have found our customers find the gowns so versatile.


The dressing gowns are made using a 100% cashmere and pure merino wool which is ethically sourced from the native goat of Mongolia. As part of a local tradition each year the goats are gently combed to remove excess fibres they no longer need. We use two-ply cashmere, where two threads of yarn are twisted together which gives a more resistant knit, therefore our gowns are soft and light providing excellent insulation.


The Melange collection is a super soft, using 100% brushed cotton, it’s naturally cultivated cotton without the use of any synthetic  agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides or transgenic technology.


To maintain the soft luxurious feel of our dressing gowns, we recommend hand washing, dry cleaning or steaming, not only does steaming make your garments wrinkle-free, it also kills bacteria and it’s very gentle on the fabric, a great way to freshen up your gown. For small areas like the cuffs, collars, these can be washed carefully by hand using a mild detergent in luke warm water, then laying the garment flat to dry over a towel. From time to time use a cashmere care comb, brushing in one direction to gently remove any pilling as this will keep your gown looking as brand new as the day you bought it. Cashmere and Merino Wool will improve with age if cared for properly and will last for years. We also suggest placing cedar wood in your closet to deter moths.


Cashmere is a natural fibre, so it’s biodegradable which is better than most synthetic fabrics, as is Silk Satin which  is made from a range of synthetic and natural fibres, with silk satin being the most valuable. We are aware of the environmental and social impacts it can have, so we are looking at  new ‘eco ways’ to buy recycled or reused cashmere as well and currently exploring sustainable silk fabrics in our upcoming collections. Our suppliers hold an extensive list of certificates covering quality control to the environment and the traceability of yarns, weaves and dyes used.


Our garments are manufactured in the UK and made to the highest quality and ethical standards. Each gown is handcrafted by our seamstress, using her superior hand and machine luxury sewing skill approach, with beautiful french seams, silk bindings combined with her high attention to detail.